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Welcome to the official website of Money The Root Of All Evil by Brandon Salimbene. As a Author, my purpose is to help everyone become their best self and to appreciate the details of life. Take a look through the site to find links to purchase the book, contribute to the community blog, as well as a brief summary.

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Writing Journey

Money: The Root Of All Evil by Brandon Salimbene is a guide to help those people who have suffered through the pandemic and have been down trodden by the insurmountable stress that it has caused. It is an eye opener to how much we depend on money and how much stress that it causes. This book gives us another outlook on life and a different perspective to how we perceive money. With six steps and a few simple adjustments we can appreciate life to the fullest and eliminate the distraction of money as our root of evil!


“All You Can Take With You Is That Which You've Given Away”

Peter Bailey (It's A Wonderful Life)

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